Today is September 22, 2021 -

Mitzvot of GMW
Food Pantry Mitzvah Maker

Food Pantry Mitzvah Maker

This mitzvah project would involve a combination of volunteering at the IFPO at least once, but ideally a few times, during summer vacation or other school vacations and also doing some kind of food, toiletry, or diaper collection at home or at school to help provide needed items.

Project Length — Various

Age Ranges — Adults, Bnai Mitzvah, Lower Elementary, Seniors, Upper Elementary, Young Adults

Causes — Hunger

Mitzvah Methods — Packing

About Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges

The Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges (IFPO) is an all-volunteer, supplemental food pantry helping to meet essential human needs of food-insecure residents of Orange and East Orange, NJ, with dignity and respect.

105 Main St, Orange NJ
Phone: 973-856-4000

Volunteer Coordinator:
Jodi Cooperman

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