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Mitzvot of GMW
Project Leket

Project Leket

Project opportunities include spreading awareness about Leket Israel, holding an event to help raise funds in honor of your B’nai Mitzvah, decorating tote bags for food rescue, creating a recipe book to sell to friends and family, creating a web page to raise funds, and much more.

Project Location — New Jersey, Israel

Age Ranges — Lower Elementary, Teens, Upper Elementary

Causes — Environment, Hunger, Israel, Poverty

Mitzvah Methods — Packing

About American Friends of Leket Israel

Serving as Israel’s National Food Bank and largest food rescue network, Leket Israel works to alleviate the problem of nutritional insecurity amongst the growing number of Israel’s poor. Food that would otherwise go to waste is reclaimed from hundreds of food suppliers and reaches 175,000 people each week.

PO Box 2090 Teaneck, NJ 07666-1490
Phone: 201-331-0070

Volunteer Coordinator:
Elena Rosenbaum

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